Quarantine- A risk to your mental health

Quarantine, a word you hear in everyone’s sentence, social media, and texts. A physical distancing from the world to avoid the risk of exposure to pandemic caused by COVID-19.

When the quarantine was initially announced, sure most of us were happy to spend some quality time with family, obviously along with the internet. Initial few days surely the social media kept you occupied and some of us inspired by it also ended becoming chefs, dancers, or fitness experts for a day or a week. Some of us may keep the routine, but some of us will not. Eventually, we have an ample amount of time on us where everything fails to get our attention, which may lead to overthinking or conflicts in our head with a great impact on our mental health.

Every person's life has a mixture of emotions, the good, the bad. Most of the time the happiness coming around friends and family keeps the sadness at bay. Every day you go out, discover more things that get you curious and interested, and keep your mind occupied to even rethink what you had for breakfast. DEPRESSION is something more of an acceptance of this sadness in life and when you have ample amount of time in your hands to think about all the decisions in your life, you tend to bring back the sadness. Sometimes it's also the over-interaction on the social media platforms where people display only their perfect part of imperfect lives. Do we tend to start questioning what we are doing in life?

Self -Quarantine, where there is limited interaction unlike you get in family quarantine is not only the cause.. sometimes people around you for a long time can also start getting on our nerves. Family interactions during dinners or movies are something you can look forward to, but having them around every second of a lock-down sometimes holds your freedom. In self-Quarantine there are higher chances of people resorting to smoking or drinking to keep themselves distracted.. but does it really work? or is it just our mind trying to look for the company?

Quarantine often confused with isolation, are two different things .. it may be a quarantine but your mind need not be isolated. There are hundreds of things in life that need your attention and trying to find those details is what matters.

That’s the beauty of our minds, our senses keep our brain always in check and distracted, it might be just a good biryani at your favorite place or shopping for the perfect dress or a good ride out in the hills ... the little things of joy in daily life release a good amount of endorphins to cover up all the wrecks you might have caused. And when you have a good amount of time on your hands, it's up to you to keep those senses in check.. or open the gates of thoughts running in your mind.

So make yourselves at home while you’re at home because it won't get any better unless you make it better.



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