Perfection isn’t Correction

Are you thinking about how many kilos you might have put up by the end of this quarantine? been in a situation when you see your relatives and the first thing they say is you’ve lost or gained weight?

It's always been a tradition for people to notice and comment how many extra kilos you’ve lost or gained since they last met you. Our minds tend to have set what a perfect body is and we tend to compare our body or others to it. But there’s never a thing called ‘perfect’.

There used to be a time when I looked at myself in the mirror and thought of all the ways to get rid of extra fat on me. I wanted to stop all the comments i received during family gatherings. I wanted that perfect body portrayed in my head. I tried to get rid of it from my head but it kept on lingering. That’s when I decided to lose as much as possible. I tried to starve myself, skipping breakfast or dinner or just eating very little, counted calories over everything I ate. I started jogging every morning, pushing myself to work out extra.

After a few weeks or so, I did lose a few kilos and I felt amazing. I felt like had control over my body and that made me feel so good. But after a few days, I started feeling tired easily, feeling like distancing myself, and did not lose much weight too. That’s when I realized it was my body that was in control and not me. I just happened to have a low metabolism and my body was designed to be. That's when I started eating healthy and tried not to skip anything, but continued my physical workouts, on a lighter note just to keep my mind healthy. And now I love the way I am. I love my body, my curves, stretch marks, cellulite, and every single aspect of it.

We tend to compare ourselves to the amazing figures projected in our mind by media or people around you. We see a lot of Influencers, Actors, Models on media post perfect images of themselves in this imperfect world as it is. That ‘perfect image’ is the work of Photoshop, airbrush, plastic surgeons, personal trainer, unhealthy dieting practices, starving for days, etc.

Most of us have insecurities about our body, be it gaining or losing weight, stretch marks, scars, cellulite, etc. There are people being called anorexic just because they look thin but it might be just their body metabolism. There are people with eating disorders trying to cope every day with it and still be called fat. There are people with hormonal defects and still subjected to this world of body shaming. There are people trying to hide their scars from the past from the fear of being judged.

People say they dream to become like Victoria's Secret Models with a size zero because that’s what has been projected as the ideal image. But the world is changing and did you know Victoria’s Secret show was canceled in 2019 because of its misprojection of ideal figure?. Now it's Victoria’s Secret 2.0 and has models of every size, color, and curve.

We see Media promoting weight gain drinks, weight loss shakes, capsules, etc to help you achieve your goals. There are people making millions just based on your insecurities. Imagine a day when every person in this world accepts their body just the way it is, how many companies would go into loss?

Imagine all the mental pressure our minds go through just because of one question or one picture or one comment. Burn those insecurities in your mind instead of trying to burn calories. Love your curves or your skinny legs, because it's still yours. Those scars and stretch marks on you define who you are and don’t let anyone decide it for you.

“ Why should we waste our fine minds in counting calories, pounds, and inches when we could be counting meaningful experiences, money, and orgasms” quoted one of my favorite activist Jameela Jamil.

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